Senior Team

Ethical Power was co-founded by Tom Kneen in 2010, with an idea and belief that he could deliver something better than anyone else in the marketplace. Tom is passionate that Ethical Power should actively seek change rather than waiting for it to happen. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive Ethical Power, with his strong leadership for quality and innovation supported throughout the company. Ethical Power’s combination of technical expertise and years of experience make us unique in the marketplace.

The key people in our team come from a variety of backgrounds but they all share the same values for a quality driven approach.  If you would like to know more please call and ask to speak to either Tom Kneen or Justin Mowbray.

ethical power team members
Thomas Kneen
Managing Director
ethical power team members
Justin Mowbray
Technical Director
ethical power team members
Rod Taylor
Head of O&M
ethical power team members
Joanna Poulton
Head of Commercial