In order for a Solar PV system to be installed on your rooftop, or your land you will first need to go through the appropriate planning stages first.

We are able to assist in all or some of the following services, which may or may not be needed:

  • Complete topographical survey
  • Prepare design schematics showing proposed layout
  • Ecological surveys
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Prepare  visual appraisals and mitigation proposals (if required)
  • Prepare photo-montage
  • Prepare planning statement
  • Write design and access statement
  • Produce detailed design drawings

By working closely with the local planning authorities and the local community we have been successful in achieving numerous planning permissions on some very difficult sites.

If you have a site which you are experiencing difficulties with please contact Stuart Whiteford who is our development and planning expert.  He will be very pleased to give you an initial view on how to proceed.

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